How to Choose a Plumber

November 12, 2015

You jolt out of bed and look at the clock. “Why didn’t the alarm clock go off?”, you think to yourself. You see the big red PF letters on the face of the clock and realize that the power went off in the middle of the night. Not a good start to the day. While you are downstairs, frantically making your breakfast, you notice a strange sound coming from the hallway. You turn the corner to find your dog lapping up water from a puddle on the floor. “What now?” You follow the wet mess to discover that your toddler flushed his favorite squeaky toy down the toilet and the water has been overflowing for who knows how long. You know you need professional help, but who do you call? You quickly perform an online search only to find a list of dozens of plumbers. Who do you choose in a time when you need them the most? Eastern Plumbing has compiled the following checklist to help you make your decision easier.

Ask your plumber:

1. How long have you been a plumber?

When it comes to plumbing, repairs completed by an inexperienced person can be costly. Give yourself peace of mind and hire a plumber with experience. At Eastern Plumbing, we have set the standard in quality service for over 15 years, servicing thousands of homes in eastern North Carolina.

2. How did you receive your professional plumbing training?

Most plumbers learn their trade through formal schooling or through an apprenticeship with a seasoned professional. Plumbers also receive on-going training to keep their skills sharp. Our staff at Eastern Plumbing is full of experienced technicians who constantly stay up-to-date on the newest technologies to provide more energy efficient plumbing practices.

3. Do you have any special certifications?

There are many different certifications a plumber can receive. A plumber who is certified in any special skills will be able to provide you with a higher quality service than other professionals. Along with being certified to test your back flow preventers, Eastern Plumbing is certified for Rinnai tank-less water heaters and has relationships with A.O. Smith and Pro-Flo.

4. Are you licensed and registered?

This is another way to protect yourself from sticky contractor situations. Never hire a plumber or home improvement professional that cannot show proof of a state license and certificate of registration. At Eastern Plumbing, we are proud to be full licensed with NC #28579.

5. Are you insured?

It is important that any plumbing professional you hire carries adequate insurance. That’s why we are fully licensed at Eastern Plumbing.

The best defense to making sure your plumbing systems are running properly is to schedule annual maintenance inspections, and keep on top of your systems before it’s too late. Our team of professionals consists of some of the most experienced and qualified plumbers working today. We’re available 24/7 for any plumbing emergency.