Top 5 Plumbing Tips For the Holidays

November 20, 2015

The holidays are a great time for family, friends, fun and cheer. More people in the home mean more toilets flushing, more laundry being washed, extra showers and more hair going down the drain. The last thing you will need is for a clogged drain to become part of your entertainment plans. To avoid these problems and costly plumber fees, here are five important holiday plumbing tips.

Watch What You Pour Down Your Drain.

If there is one plumbing disaster that is likely to spoil your winter holiday it will be a problem with your drainage, and one thing that will almost guarantee that your drain will not be functioning properly will be something that you pour down it. Never pour grease, oil, or fat down the drain. This can harden and clog your drains. Before washing your greasy dish ware, let them cool and wipe grease off with paper towels and place into the garbage.

Use Your Garbage Disposal Properly.

The kitchen is the biggest holiday culprit for plumbing issues, with the garbage disposal being one area that is often misused. Your disposal is not able to sufficient grind certain items that will ultimately clog your sink drain. Some of the more common culprits are pumpkin pulp, poultry skins, celery, fruit, potato peels, lettuce, egg shells and vegetable peels. Anything that is not able to be ground properly will very likely cause a blockage.

Ensure Enough Hot Water and Proper Pressure.

Much of the hot water used at home is in the bathroom, with members of the family and guests taking showers or soaking in the bathtub. Turn up your water heater to increase its capacity to meet holiday house guest demands. However, to avoid scalding water, don’t exceed 125ºF. The best way to ensure there is enough hot water for everyone, is by spacing out the times people shower or bathe. This will give the hot water tank enough time to heat up between uses.

If water pressure while taking a shower is weak this could be because of mineral deposits in the shower head. A simple solution is to tie a plastic bag filled with vinegar over the shower head. Leave it overnight and scrub off those mineral deposits with an old toothbrush the next morning.

As an added tip, use a drain screen to stop hair from clogging the drain. The drain screen will help filter out the water but keep the hair from going down the drain.

Prevent Frozen Pipes.

You can prevent pipes becoming frozen by fitting them with insulation, either in sleeve form or wrapping. You should also prevent faucets dripping during freezing weather. New piping should be installed, where possible, in places which are already insulated or heated. Another good idea when burying pipes under the ground is to ensure they are installed below the frost line.

Identify And Repair Broken Pipes.

Should you suffer broken pipes during the holiday season, the first thing to do is turn off the water at the mainline. Identify the broken pipes by checking out your home’s water pipe layout. When you discover where the problem is, the damaged pipe can be removed and the replacement piping wrapped with insulation.

Contact Eastern Plumbing.

If your home and plumbing system is five years or older it is a good idea to have the plumbing inspected by a licensed and bonded plumber, Eastern Plumbing, to determine if there are any hidden problems you may not be aware of that will cause you unexpected problems and expenses during these cold days ahead.

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