Common Plumbing Problems and How to Fix Them

March 15, 2018


From bad water pressure to annoying dripping faucets, homeowners endure their fair share of plumbing troubles. Check out these common plumbing problems to learn how to fix them and when it’s time to call in the professionals.

Poor Water Pressure

Low water pressure can affect your shower, sink, and/or toilet. If it only affects one faucet or shower head, it should be an easy fix. The first thing you will need to check is if the low water pressure is affecting both the hot and cold water. If both the hot and cold water have low pressure the most likely cause is the aerator. To clean out a faucet aerator, carefully remove the aerator, wash any debris and put it back on.

However, if the low water pressure seems to be impacting your entire home, it’s time to call in the pros. Low water pressure throughout your home could be a sign of a hidden leak or blockage in your plumbing system, which isn’t something you should tackle on your own.

Slow Draining Sink/Tub

From the kitchen to the bathroom, all drains are susceptible to clogs if they are not maintained properly. If you start to notice slow drainage in your kitchen or bathroom, try cleaning in and around the drain. In the shower, be sure to remove accumulated soap scum and other debris (like hair) from around the drain. In the kitchen, running the garbage disposal to remove food scraps can help your slow draining problem.

If slow drainage persists, you may need professional clog removal and drain cleaning. Don’t hesitate to call Eastern Plumbing; we have been setting the standard in quality service for over 15 years.

Dripping Faucets

Whether they’re producing just an occasional drip or a constant stream of excess water, leaky faucets will drive you crazy. The constant noise of water dripping can be irritating, plus the water you are wasting can drive up your bill. To combat the drip, first try to turn the faucet as far toward the off position as possible. If that doesn’t stop the dripping, the faucet more than likely needs a new washer.

Replacing the washer may be an easy fix for you if you are comfortable taking your faucet apart. If plumbing isn’t your forte though, don’t hesitate to call Eastern Plumbing for help. We’re no strangers to leaky faucets, and our professional technicians can stop those annoying drips in no time.

Malfunctioning Toilet

From overflowing to clogging to continuously running, toilets can have all sorts of problems. If your toilet hasn’t experienced any problems with clogging or overflowing before, you should be able to remove the clog by using a plunger or a plumbers snake. On the other hand, if clogs and overflowing have become a regular occurrence you will want to call a professional so that they can locate the root of the problem. Extreme clogs and excessive overflows typically require professional assistance, since the problem could be a sewer line blockage or a septic tank issue.

Most running toilet problems can be resolved by adjusting or replacing the flapper valve inside the tank. However, sometimes the problem goes deeper, if your toilet is continuously running after every flush, even after a flapper valve replacement; don’t hesitate to call us at Eastern Plumbing.

If you need to consult a plumber, give the experienced professionals at Eastern Plumbing a call. With over 15 years of service experience, we have helped thousands of homeowners in Eastern, NC with their plumbing needs. Call us today! Greenville 252-758-7579 • New Bern 252-514-0002