Different Plumbing Noises and What They Can Mean

July 11, 2018


You don’t spend a lot of time thinking about your plumbing when everything is flowing right. Water comes in, and water goes out. But when you hear an ominous drip, gurgle, bang or any other mysterious sound, you start to worry. Don’t panic, these aren’t horror movie sound effects. Often times, these noises are indicators of different problems in your plumbing system. Hearing these noises may concern you, but it’s better to be aware of a problem before it causes more damage. Here is a list of the different plumbing noises and what they could mean.


Nope. There isn’t a snake or scary sea creature lurking in your plumbing! A hissing sound coming from your fixtures is commonly a sign that water pressure is too high. Basically, the sound happens because excessive force is pushing water through the pipes and to the tap. It is important to have this looked at by the experts at Eastern Plumbing because unnecessarily high water pressure can lead to an increased water bill and, over times,  stress your pipes. One way to fix this noise is to have a pressure regulator installed by one of our professional plumbers.

2. Banging

A distinctive bang or thud when you turn off a faucet can be another indicator that your water pressure is too high. A banging sound could also point to loose water pipes, or pipes that are not secured well to the wall. To find out why you may be hearing this noise, contact Eastern Plumbing today!

3. Rattling

A rattling, or vibrating sound, coming from your toilet after flushing may indicate that there is an issue with the fill valve. This fitting in your toilet wears out naturally, which means at some point it is going to not work properly or even break. If you lift the arm of your toilet valve and the noise stops, then that is most likely the problem. The experts at Eastern Plumbing can replace this part.

4. Gurgling

A gurgling sound after using the sink, shower or toilet is a tell-tell sign of a blocked drain or vent pipe. Dirt, grease and other materials build up in drains and plumbing, which causes water to drain slowly. As a result, air bubbles cannot move through the pipes to be expelled at the nearest vent, resulting in a gurgling noise. Aside from the noise, clogged drains can also cause foul odors and gases to back up into your home. An experienced plumber at Eastern Plumbing can inspect your plumbing for clogs and recommend solutions to fix the problem.

5. Dripping

And last, but not least, the dreaded drip. Remember, if one of your plumbing fixtures is dripping don’t just write it off as a minor annoyance – it is a serious waste of water. In fact, just one leaky faucet can waste 3,000 gallons of water per year according to the EPA. Don’t waste another drop! Eastern Plumbing can help you solve the problem by putting in a new washer or even installing a brand new faucet.

So, if you notice any of these sounds, or even a sound not mentioned here, don’t hesitate to contact Eastern Plumbing in Greenville or New Bern. We have the knowledge and expertise to diagnose any plumbing problem you may encounter.