5 Things Your Plumber Wishes You Knew

November 6, 2018

Being a plumber is hard work. Much of a plumber’s job is repairing plumbing accidents, many of which could have been prevented or avoided if homeowners only had the right information. Don’t get us wrong were always happy to help, but to save plumbers from extra time spent crouching under sinks and drains, the experts at Eastern Plumbing have put together a list of tips just for you, we call it “5 Things Your Plumber Wishes You Knew.” Not only will these tips save plumbers some time, but can also save you from costly plumbing repairs.

1. This is a pretty big one and while many people may already know this, we feel it’s still important to have on the list: “Don’t put oil or grease down the drain.” We repeat: “Never pour cooking oil, bacon grease or anything else remotely similar down your drain.” Oils and greases being poured down drains by homeowners is the leading cause of clogs. Instead, pour used oil or grease into deposable plastic or foil containers, freeze them, then throw them out with the garbage.

2. Ah, the water heater. Many homeowners tend to forget their water heater even exists, until there’s a problem. I mean think about it, it’s tucked in a closet or basement and you don’t see it a lot. But, your plumber wishes you’d know that your water heater needs love too. It’s important to remember that your tank needs to be flushed at least once a year to avoid the buildup of rust and sediment. When it comes to plumbing, preventative maintenance can save you a lot of stress and money down the line.

3. Imagine this: your home is unrelentingly flooding and you’re not sure why. Your scrambling around the house in soaked pajama pants, doing anything you can think of to make the water stop. But, you don’t know where your water shut off valves are. As a homeowner, it is important to familiarize yourself with your home’s plumbing system before problems like this occur so you can respond quickly, if and when, they do. Once you turn off your valves at the water main, your next step should be to call Eastern Plumbing in Greenville or New Bern, with 24/7 emergency service you won’t be left to deal with the plumbing problem alone.

4. Liquid drain cleaners may be helpful when it comes to clearing a clogged drain, but only use these as a last resort. Many commercial chemical cleaners eat away at more than just the gunk buildup. Dumping these cleaners down your sinks too often can cause harm to your pipes and drains. Instead, prevent clogs by investing in drain screens, and if you still notice persistent clogging, contact the professionals at Eastern Plumbing before turning to harsh chemicals.

5. This last one may be at the top of things plumbers want homeowners to know: “Don’t try to diagnose and fix a plumbing problem yourself.” It is always best to call an expert. On that same note, waiting until the last second to call for help, really doesn’t help much. The longer you let a problem linger, the worse the problem is bound to get. Catching an issue early can save you time, money and stress.

Now that you have the inside scoop on things plumbers wish you knew, you know how to prevent some plumbing problems and are prepared to react quickly if a plumbing emergency should occur. The experts at Eastern Plumbing know how to handle the messiest of situations. Do not hesitate to call us if you encounter any type of problem that is too big for you to handle – like we said, it’s always best to call an expert.