Signs You May Need a New Garbage Disposal

May 25, 2021

You use your garbage disposal every day.  It will shred food waste and other waste and help keep your kitchen drain pipes clear of debris.  Your garbage disposal may last up to 15 years, however that may not always be the case.  Here are a few ways to tell when you need a new garbage disposal:

1. You hear unusual noises.

Look in your drain to see if something’s blocking it, such as a piece of silverware. If you do find something, remove it carefully and try the disposal again.  If it still makes an unusual noise, give us a call.

2. An odor that will not leave.

Rinse and run your garbage disposal several times to see if the odor goes away. Dropping ice chips into the disposal and turning it on for a minute or so can help clean the blades as well.  If not, there may be particles stuck in the disposal that is causing the smell.  You may need a professional to help remove the trapped particles or replace it altogether.

3. Water is leaking from the disposal.

If this is happening, then it may mean you have a crack in the unit and will likely need a replacement.

4. Your disposal will not turn on.

If you have to press the reset button often, and one day it just will not turn on, it is time for a new one.


Even the best garbage disposal does not last forever. Give us a call if you need a repair or replacement.  We are ready to help!