How to Stop a Running Toilet Before Calling a Plumber

January 18, 2022

Are you annoyed by the sound of running water coming from your toilet? A continuously running toilet is enough to drive anyone crazy, especially after a long day at work. A running toilet is usually a sign of a problem inside the tank and, most of the time, you can fix it yourself.

Here are some things you can check on your running toilet before calling in the professional at Eastern Plumbing.

  • Check the Fill Valve – toilets work by measuring how much water is in the tank by using a float. After a flush, which causes the water to drop below a certain level, the fill valve allows the water to fill back up in the tank before the next flush. A faulty fill valve will allow too little or too much water into the tank, which will cause the toilet to not function properly.
  • Check the Float – the float is the plastic part shaped a little like a cup on the fill valve, this is what lets the valve know when the water level is correct. If it is set too high, the water will go into the overflow tube and the water will keep running. If it is too low, the flapper will stay open.
  • Check the Handle – the exterior handle of the toilet is attached to the flush rod, the piece connected to the chain that leads to the flapper. Make sure the chain has just enough slack to open the flapper.
  • Check the Flapper – many times the flapper can be the cause of running toilets. The flapper must create a proper seal, or water will leak from the tank into the bowl, which will cause the water to continuously run to make up for the water line dropping inside the tank. In order to examine the flapper, you must drain the tank first and then shut off the water coming into the toilet using the shut-off valve.
  • Check the Flapper Chain – if the chain is too long it may get caught under the flapper preventing a seal. If the chain is too short, then there is too much tension on the flapper and will prevent it from sealing completely. This is an easy fix….adjust the chain length,

In most situations, a running toilet can be an easy fix, however if you have done the troubleshooting and none of these steps are working, give us a call. The professionals at Eastern Plumbing are happy to come out, take a look, diagnose and fix your running toilet issues – the first time. Give us a call at 252-758-7579 for all your plumbing needs.