Prepping Your Plumbing for Fall

November 2, 2022

Fall is in the air, and as the weather gets cooler, it’s time to do seasonal home maintenance to ensure your plumbing is ready for winter! Here are seven things Eastern Plumbing recommends you do to keep your home in pristine condition during winter.

1. Seal any gaps.

As time goes on, gaps will develop between the walls and the pipes in your home. These gaps are perfect for allowing cold air to enter your home, leaving you with a higher utility bill and the potential for your pipes to freeze. Fall is the ideal time to check for gaps and seal any that you find.

2. Insulate your pipes.

If you have pipes in an area of your home that isn’t heated (like a crawl space or a garage), these pipes must be insulated. Insulation will prevent your pipes from freezing over in the winter.

3. Disconnect your Water Hose.

If you leave your water hose connected and the temperature drops, the water left inside your hose can freeze. This causes your hose to expand and can lead to your faucets and connecting pipes freezing and breaking. To prevent this, disconnect your hose, drain the remaining water, and store the hose in a safe and dry area.

4. Check Outdoor Faucets.

Once your hose is removed, check the faucet for leaking or dripping. If your faucet leaks, you can end up with water damage and plumbing issues if it’s frozen over. Once your faucets are fixed, cover and insulate them.

5. Flush your Water Heater.

When the weather is colder, your water heater works harder to provide you with hot water. You’re removing sediment and mineral build-up by flushing out your water tank. This build-up is what prevents your water from heating quickly and properly.

6. Shut Off your Interior Valve.

If you have a valve inside your home connected to the outside faucets and plumbing system, shut it off to prevent any water left in your pipes that could freeze over.

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