Choosing The Right Bathtub For You

A bathroom remodel is exciting. But, with so many bathtub choices, it can get a little overwhelming. That’s why it is important to do a little research before deciding on the kind of tub that will suit your space and lifestyle the best. To make it easier on you, the professionals at Eastern Plumbing in Greenville and New Bern, NC have put together a list of five things you should consider when choosing the right bathtub for YOU!

  1. Size

    Bathtubs are not one-size-fits-all. The size and layout of your bathroom space can limit what kind of options are available. You don’t want to choose a tub too large that will crowd your bathroom.

  2. Shape

    That’s right – we said shape! Today, bathtubs come in all different shapes, from the modern oval and round to the more traditional rectangle. The most important thing to take into account when considering tub shape is comfort. Don’t be afraid to sit in a display tub to see how it feels.

  3. Weight

    The weight of a new bathtub is something that often times can get overlooked. But, it is important to calculate the weight of the tub to make sure that your floor can handle it without having to add structural supports. Our trained professionals can help if you aren’t sure about the numbers.

  4. Materials

    What will your new bathtub be made of? Most commonly, tubs have an acrylic or fiberglass construction with a hollow interior to reduce weight. Studier, more luxurious tubs use metal, enamel and even natural stone or concrete. These options are pricey and much heavier. However, the studier material will better resist damage.

  5. Features

    This is where your lifestyle really comes into play. If you want a tub for relaxing, a soaker tub with spa jets may be a perfect option for you. If you have small children, you may want a tub with high walls (we know they love to splash!). For pet owners, a hand-held spray nozzle may be important for bath time. With so many options available, you are sure to find the right combination of features, perfect for you!

Still have questions? Need more help deciding on the right bathtub for you? Want your bathtub installation and plumbing done right? Contact the bathroom experts at Eastern Plumbing in Greenville and New Bern today!