Is ____ Product Really Flushable?

When shopping for feminine products and wipes, you’ll probably notice that they’re marketing these products as flushable. In fact, most say, right on the packaging in big bold letters, that they are made to be flushed. Unfortunately, this just isn’t true. Flushing products like pads, wipes, tampons, or other things marketed to be “flushable” can cause some serious issues to your pipes and septic tank.

At Eastern Plumbing, over 25% of our calls are plumbing problems caused by feminine products and wipes being flushed. We say save yourself a service call and avoid the hassle all together by getting into the habit of NOT flushing these items down the toilet.

The most commonly flushed product is a tampon. These products grow up to ten times their original size when they get wet – making them the ultimate drain-clogger. And, if your plumbing is older, and if roots have begun to breech your pipes, or if it snags just right, a tampon can easily block your drains.

These “flushable” products such as wipes, pads, and tampons never break down. Never. Toilet paper is designed to break down in your sewage tank. Anything else is not. If something gets caught in your pipes on the way to your septic tank, it will never dissolve. They’ll stay in your plumbing system until you’re forced to call a plumber and have it all removed.

Once it gets to your septic tank, it still never dissolves. In fact, they can cause even more issues if they get into your septic system if they make it all the way down. They’ll take up space, displace the water and make it rise, causing solids to build up which in turn can block the distribution tubes. If this backs up enough, water from your septic tank can get pushed back into your home.

If you and your family have been flushing these products, now is a good time to stop. Start throwing them away instead – your plumbing will thank you. If you find yourself or someone else in the house “flushing” instead of “tossing” and you end up needing us, give us a call at 252-758-7579! Eastern Plumbing has been setting the standard in quality service for over 25 years!