Why Won’t My Shower Water Get Hot?

The last thing anyone wants is for their hot water to go out in the winter. There is nothing worse than turning on your shower and waiting and waiting for it to heat up – just for it to stay frigid cold. Sometimes, there may be an easy fix that you can do yourself. Here are four reasons your shower may not be warming up.

1. Your anti-scold device is set too high.

Most showers have anti-scold devices that put a limit on how hot your shower will get. This prevents you from setting your shower too hot and burning yourself when you get in. If yours is set too low, it might cause your shower not to run hot water to protect you. This is an easy fix – simply take your handle off and turn the device slightly to a higher setting. Assess the water temperature and see if it will get warmer. If it does, problem solved!

2. Something may be wrong with your water heater.

A water heater is like every other appliance in your home – they need to be inspected and repaired every now and then. If your shower will not get hot, it may be time to take a look at your water heater. Check for leaks and the condition of your water heater. The issue may be that you need to tighten or replace the connections. Your water heater maintains the temperature to your shower, and depending on the age and maintenance, it may need to be repaired or replaced.

3. Your pipes could be the issue.

Many times, your pipes may be the reason you are having water issues. One issue could be your home’s pipes are corroded. This could lead to problems with your water heater and how hot your water gets, and possibly even water contamination. If this is the case, contact the experts at Eastern Plumbing today. Whatever the issue, we’ve got you covered!

4. The mixing valve could be bad.

Mixing valves are parts of the shower that control the water temperature and allow you to run hot and cold water at the same time. These valves can change the temperature of your shower and may require maintenance. This valve is complicated to find and repair, so give the professionals a call if you think the mixing valve, is the issue!

Checked all of these things out and still having trouble taking a hot shower? Give us a call! Eastern Plumbing has over 20 years of experience and our staff is knowledgeable and prepared to help you. Do not let a cold shower ruin your day, contact Eastern Plumbing at 252-758-7579.