3 Reasons You Should Go Hands-Free

We’ve all seen hands-free faucets before. You know, the ones at restaurants, stores and offices that automatically turn on when it senses your hands below. But these aren’t just for commercial buildings, they are now making their way into residential homes as well! If you’re building a home, in the middle of a remodel, or just simply thinking about updating the faucets in your home, hands-free may be a great option for you. Here are three of the top reasons hands-free faucets may be the perfect fit for your home.

1. They’ll Conserve Water

Did you know that every time you wash your hands you use approximately 2.2 gallons of water per minute? That sounds like a lot of water for such a short period of time, right? Because hands-free faucets turn off automatically when your hands aren’t actually under them, you’ll see instant water savings. Think about it, while you’re soaping up your hands, for at least 20 seconds, the water won’t be running! Not only is conserving water better for the environment, but it can be better for your wallet as well. You may even start to see your water bill decreasing!

2. They’ll Stay Clean

We can probably all agree that cleaning the bathroom is one of the most dreaded household chores. With hands-free faucets it can make that job a little easier. You won’t have soap buildup, dirt or other mess lingering on them like you would a normal faucet. This is true for the kitchen too! If you’re cooking or doing other messy tasks, you can easily wash your hands without transferring that mess to your fixture. There is aesthetic value in a hands-free faucet because it won’t get as visibly dirty as its counterparts.

3. They’ll Prevent Germs From Spreading

Not having to actually touch the faucet has more than just visual benefit; it will help prevent the spread of germs. Germs and other particles often linger on faucets, which means they can easily transfer to your hands when cutting on and off the water. Especially, for families with children these faucets are a great addition to help keep everyone healthy.

If you have any questions about options for hands-free faucets or need help with installation, call the professionals at Eastern Plumbing.

Walk-In Shower vs. Tub – What’s Right for You?

There are many decisions that have to be made during a bathroom remodel or new construction. Perhaps one of the most important and maybe most difficult is deciding what type of shower and/or bathtub is right for you. Luckily, here at Eastern Plumbing we specialize in all things bathroom and have quite a few remodels under our belt. So, we’ve put together tips to help you make that decision.

The first thing to keep in mind is that both styles may have their own list of pros and cons. But it is important for homeowners to consider not only what will work best in the space, but what will work best for their family! Here are a few questions to ask yourself!

How will you use your space?

Are you trying to create a functional guest bathroom or a relaxing master suite? Consider how you typically use your bathroom and what might not have worked well with the old bathroom layout. For families with small children (or planning to have children), we strongly recommend a shower/tub combo in at least one bathroom in the home. The practicality of a combo is great for bathing small children and washing pets! Not to mention, having a bathtub in the home will help with the resale potential and value of your home.

However, if resale isn’t a concern for you and you never use your tub, it may be time to replace it with a luxury shower! Just keep in mind when deciding on finishes that beautiful glass doors and walls won’t stay spotless without hard work and solutions to remove lime and calcium residue.

If you like to end the day relaxing, consider a deep stand-alone bathtub. These are perfect for those who want to soak in comfort and even have options with jets and internal heaters that help keep the water warm.

How much space do you have?

We all know bathrooms see a lot of activity. So, it’s important that the space isn’t cramped. A walk-in shower may be the right choice if you have a small bathroom. The average walk-in shower takes up 12 square feet, while the standard tub takes up 15 square feet. It may not sound like much, but an extra three-square foot of space will make a big difference. For a small guest or hall bathroom, a walk-in shower is also a great option because it will give guests more space to change and get ready!

How important is energy efficiency?

Today, there are many efficient shower heads on the market that can save you money on your water bill. Generally, a shower uses 20 gallons of water, while a bath uses 30. A soaker or whirlpool bathtub can use 80 to even 100 gallons of water – which may require a larger water heater to fill.

Have you made a decision on what shower and/or tub to put in your bathroom? Or, do you need more advice? Contact the plumbing experts at Eastern Plumbing in Greenville and New Bern today!

Top Bathroom Trends for 2019

At Eastern Plumbing, we think that every bathroom deserves a little love. Although your bathroom is one of the most used rooms in your home and needs to be functional, that doesn’t mean it can’t make a statement with design. A great way to celebrate this new year is with renovations that will go the distance in sprucing up your bathroom. Here are the top bathroom trends for 2019 for some inspiration.

Exposed Shower Plumbing

Exposed shower plumbing is a trend we’re loving in 2019. Pairing the industrial look of exposed plumbing with a white or gray tile gives a beautiful, modern feel to any bathroom.

Free-Standing Tubs

This has been trending for a while now. But, instead of generic-shaped, free-standing bathtubs, people are opting for a more interesting design – like a tub with an elegant curve to high back.

Smart Showers

In 2019, many homeowners are upgrading their bathroom with technology. Some smart showers allow you to turn on your shower with your phone, while others have built in speakers. These smart showers are making bathroom experiences more convenient and relaxing than ever before.

Underfloor Heating System

Make your bathroom even more cozy this year with heated floors! Underfloor heating is being installed with a variety of flooring options like: tile, concrete, vinyl and wood to name a few.

Interesting Tile Patterns & Shapes

While many people are opting for neutral-colored tiles, they are adding excitement with interesting tile patterns and shapes. Think hexagon, diamond or Moroccan fish scale designs. These eye-catching shapes will not only grace bathroom floors, but also bathroom backsplashes and shower walls.

Do these trends have you inspired to take on a bathroom remodel of your own? The professionals at Eastern Plumbing can help you get the job done! Contact us today.


Choosing The Right Bathtub For You

A bathroom remodel is exciting. But, with so many bathtub choices, it can get a little overwhelming. That’s why it is important to do a little research before deciding on the kind of tub that will suit your space and lifestyle the best. To make it easier on you, the professionals at Eastern Plumbing in Greenville and New Bern, NC have put together a list of five things you should consider when choosing the right bathtub for YOU!

  1. Size

    Bathtubs are not one-size-fits-all. The size and layout of your bathroom space can limit what kind of options are available. You don’t want to choose a tub too large that will crowd your bathroom.

  2. Shape

    That’s right – we said shape! Today, bathtubs come in all different shapes, from the modern oval and round to the more traditional rectangle. The most important thing to take into account when considering tub shape is comfort. Don’t be afraid to sit in a display tub to see how it feels.

  3. Weight

    The weight of a new bathtub is something that often times can get overlooked. But, it is important to calculate the weight of the tub to make sure that your floor can handle it without having to add structural supports. Our trained professionals can help if you aren’t sure about the numbers.

  4. Materials

    What will your new bathtub be made of? Most commonly, tubs have an acrylic or fiberglass construction with a hollow interior to reduce weight. Studier, more luxurious tubs use metal, enamel and even natural stone or concrete. These options are pricey and much heavier. However, the studier material will better resist damage.

  5. Features

    This is where your lifestyle really comes into play. If you want a tub for relaxing, a soaker tub with spa jets may be a perfect option for you. If you have small children, you may want a tub with high walls (we know they love to splash!). For pet owners, a hand-held spray nozzle may be important for bath time. With so many options available, you are sure to find the right combination of features, perfect for you!

Still have questions? Need more help deciding on the right bathtub for you? Want your bathtub installation and plumbing done right? Contact the bathroom experts at Eastern Plumbing in Greenville and New Bern today!

Common Plumbing Issues in Older Homes


Buying and renovating older homes is all the rage today (thanks Chip and Joanna!). And, if you already live in an older home, you may feel inspired to begin some renovations of your own! But remember to look past the surface of the home. When making improvements or renovating your older home, don’t forget to check out the plumbing! Eastern Plumbing has put together a list of common plumbing problems in older homes to help you get started.

1. Galvanized Piping

Galvanized piping is most commonly found in houses built before the 1960s. It may be the case that previous owners have replaced pipes, but they may have just concentrated on pipes that were clogged or eroded. It is important that you check the entire plumbing system in your old home to make sure that there are no corroded or rusted pipes that need to be replaced. Old galvanized pipes can produce discolored water and are more prone to leaks, so if you notice any of these your older home – galvanized pipes could be the problem.

2. Polybutylene Piping

This type of piping in commonly found in house built from the late 70’s to the early 90’s. At the time it was relatively low cost, but today this type of plumbing system is no longer accepted by US building codes. Polybutylene piping is prone to failure because of the way it reacts to oxidants found in water, causing weak pipes. Replacing these pipes will ensure that you have a durable material and will save you money and stress in the long run.

3. Pipe Bellies

We all know that the earth below our homes doesn’t sit still. Over periods of time, the constant movement and ground shifts can affect the plumbing that lies beneath your home. The pipes move downwards, resulting in what are called pipe “bellies.” These bends in your plumbing pipes makes it difficult for water to pass through, causing stoppages.

4. Sewer Lines

Remember that your plumbing system does not just lie within the confines of your home – it extends down to the sewer line. First, you need to determine if your home is on a sewer line. If so, there are few problems that can arise. The sewer lines in older homes are more likely to face issues because of the shifting of the ground and the potential for roots to grow into the sewer line and cause a blockage or leak. So, focus on your sewer line during the renovation as well.

5. Faulty Gas Lines

When thinking about your plumbing and pipes, don’t overlook lines the that don’t involve water – the lines that supply gas to your water heater. It is important for your safety that you have these gas lines tested and repaired if necessary.

6. Inefficient Plumbing Fixtures

Of course, we understand that old plumbing fixtures are beautiful and compliment your “farmhouse-style” perfectly. But, keep in mind that everything has a lifespan – even plumbing fixtures. These fixtures in older homes have gone through wear and tear which can lead to leaks and inefficient water flow. Consider replacing these fixtures with more efficient ones that can save water.

Now that you know common plumbing problems facing older homes, it’s time to determine a course of action. In any home, new or old, Eastern Plumbing recommends that you schedule regular maintenance checks for your plumbing system and gas lines. The professional plumbers at Eastern Plumbing in Greenville and New Bern can evaluate your home and help you decide on the best plan of action to make your home safe and efficient, and give you peace of mind. And, if you need us – we can also assist with the renovation! Give us a call today!

2018 Kitchen Remodel Trends


2018 is upon us and as with every New Year, trends are rolling in! Whether you are remodeling your current home or building a new house, these 2018 kitchen remodel trends are sure to have you feeling right at home in your new kitchen.

Smarter Kitchens

New devices and apps, which make your home smarter and life simpler, are trending. Which is why it should come as no surprise that technology has entered the heart of the home in full force and not just in the form of fancy kitchen gadgets and appliances. Today’s kitchens can have technology integrated into every function – from the faucets to the fridge to the lighting.

Here are just a few smart kitchen trends to keep an eye on this year:

  • High Tech Taps

In years past, motion censored faucets held the high tech tap market. Now, you can find them just about everywhere, from your favorite restaurants to your very own home. When motion censored faucets took over, the touch-on/touch-off faucets weren’t far behind, becoming somewhat of a smart kitchen staple. Although, the amenity of the touch-on/touch-off faucet is still a market leader, you won’t believe the direction these high tech taps have taken.

Hiding below unassuming spouts are innovative systems that will transform plain water into sparkling water, or even into a café au lait. Transforming tap water into delicious beverages isn’t the only thing that these new age fixtures can do. Attach an LED faucet light to the end of your tap and watch as your water lights up, changing colors with the water’s temperature (blue for cold/red for hot). From unexpected flavorings to changing colors the high tech taps of 2018 will not disappoint.

  • Smart Appliances – Ranges & Refrigerators

No smart kitchen would be complete without high tech appliances.

If you plan on going smart with your kitchen remodel, then a smart refrigerator should be at the top of your list. In recent years, refrigerators have become much smarter and the fridges on the market this year are no different. The GE Cafe Series French Door with Keurig K-Cup Brewing System literally combines your coffee maker with your fridge. However, brewing coffee and tea isn’t the only thing that this fridge has to offer, it also features advanced water filtration and a full-width electronic temperature-controlled drawer with colored LED lights. If a coffee brewing fridge isn’t smart enough for you, the Samsung Four-Door Family Hub Refrigerator should do the trick. Samsung’s smart fridge can connect to and control third-party devices that are part of the SmartThings smart home ecosystem such as lights, thermostats, home video cameras, and more. The new Family Hub has also added a food management app that provides recipes while accounting for food preferences and dietary restrictions.

If it’s a smart range you are looking for, the high tech ranges 2018 has to offer do not disappoint. Smart ranges like the, Samsung Slide-In Induction Chef Collection Range + Flex-Duo Oven, projects virtual LED flames onto your pot, so you will always know when a burner is on and the oven allows you to cook two separate dishes at completely different temperatures. Maybe you would rather have the capability to whip up something remotely? Then look no further than Dacor’s Discovery iQ Dual-Fuel Range which combines two electric stoves and has an integrated Android tablet/control panel along with an app that lets users control it from anywhere with an internet connection.

Need help installing your new high tech tap or smart appliances as part of your 2018 renovation? Call Eastern Plumbing.

Countertops – Marble & Quartz

Granite has been king of the countertops for decades. But over the past few years, new contenders are challenging the throne. Now high-end kitchen countertops call for marble and quartz. These countertop options match granite in durability as well as cost. Like granite, both marble and quartz come in a variety of colors, textures and veining designs. With all these options you are sure to find the perfect piece to fit your 2018 kitchen remodel!

Multipurpose Kitchen Islands

Kitchen islands are no longer an afterthought or something small to squeeze into the heart of your home for a little added counter space. Today’s kitchen islands are focal points and take multipurpose to the fullest extent. They have storage solution cabinets and can be fitted with various under-counter appliances while also providing seating. From simply growing in size to accommodating more storage to housing stove tops & sinks, 2018 kitchen islands do it all. But don’t forget, moving your kitchen appliances and/or sink to your new multipurpose island is going to mean a move for your plumbing, gas and electrical. If you think a new multipurpose kitchen island is the perfect 2018 trend for you, call Eastern Plumbing. We are experienced in kitchen remodels and our trusted contractors have all the tools needed to relocate any kitchen fixture or appliance.

MORE Storage

Think you have enough storage in the kitchen? Think again. 2018 is all about smart storage solutions. One of the biggest annoyances with kitchen cabinetry is the unnecessary waste of space. Try swapping out lower cabinets for drawers instead. This can double, even triple your storage capabilities. Plus, pull-out drawers are easier to organize and make it easier to see everything inside at a glance. 2018 will definitely see a range of new kitchen storage options throughout the whole kitchen!

If you are following trend and remodeling your kitchen this year, don’t forget to call Eastern Plumbing to help get the job done! We specialize in redesign and remodeling – with our experience and expertise, we can help you get your project done the right way, on time and on budget. Contact Eastern Plumbing today for remodel ideas and help!

New Year, New Bathroom Remodel


The New Year means new resolutions. How about adding a bathroom remodel to your list? It may be 2018, but is your home stuck in years past? Eastern Plumbing can upgrade your home quick, easy and on budget. Here a few remodel ideas that will modernize your bathroom and make you more comfortable in the New Year.

Hide the Toilet

If you want a stylish and functional master bathroom for 2018, consider moving your toilet to a more discreet area. Hide this fixture in a “room-within-a-room” or behind a half wall. This will allow you to have more privacy and will also upgrade the look of your bathroom. If you aren’t sure of the best layout for your bathroom to incorporate this upgrade or if you need the toilet moved to a different location in the bathroom, contact Eastern Plumbing. We are experienced in bathroom design and our trusted contractors have all the tools needed to relocate any fixture in your bathroom.

Step Up Your Shower

Is your shower outdated? This year is the perfect time to upgrade it. Consider widening your shower, adding a modern tile design and replacing the shower head. Rain shower heads are quite popular. They are installed in the ceiling and create the feeling of standing out in warm tropical rain. Another popular type of shower head going into 2018 are body sprays. If one shower head just isn’t enough for you, these are the perfect solution. These swivel heads are mounted at multiple heights in your shower. You can add as many or as few as your heart desires for the perfect water massage.

Upgrade for Water Efficiency

Toilets, faucets and showers have all become much more water efficient in recent years. So, if one of your resolutions was to save money consider upgrading your bathroom fixtures. Upgrading your bathroom to be more water efficient can help you save money on your monthly utility bill. When planning your bathroom remodel, remember that these item maximize energy efficiency:

  • Tankless water heaters
  • Low flow toilets and faucets
  • LED lighting
  • Radiant floor heating
  • Insulated windows.

Make the Most of Your Space

Get rid of counter clutter in your bathrooms by adding more storage space. Consider replacing a pedestal sink with a custom vanity-mounted sink perfectly fitted to your space. Use the cabinets in the vanity to store towels, soaps and extra toilet paper. Consider replacing shower curtains with glass doors. This will add the illusion of more space and make your bathroom feel more open. Not to mention, glass shower doors are trending in 2018.

Go Low Maintenance

Do you want to be less stressed in 2018? Make your bathroom low maintenance by selecting finishes that are easy to keep looking clean and new. For example, opt for quartz counters instead of marble and get glass shower doors that are treated with water anti-spotting agents.

No matter your 2018 bathroom goals, Eastern Plumbing is here to help. We specialize in everything from shower and bathtub repair and installation, to redesign and remodel. With our experience and expertise, we can help you get your project done the right way, on time and on budget. Contact Eastern Plumbing today for remodel ideas and help.

What You Need to Know for Your Next Bathroom Remodel


The Beatles, denim and Grease with John Travolta— just a few things that will never go out of style. It’s a shame bathrooms aren’t the same way. Years ago you may have loved the wallpaper that adorned your hall bathroom, admired the big gold fixtures on your soaker tub or smiled when you saw your pink tiled countertops. But now, not so much! Or maybe you need to add a tub where there once was a shower in order to accommodate your growing family. For whatever reason, you’ve decided it’s time to give the outdated or non-functional design a well-deserved retirement. So, now begins the remodel process. But before you get started here are a few things you should think about before “demo day.”



If you’re simply changing out an old toilet for a new one, you may consider tackling this project yourself. But if plumbing is a completely new territory for you, you may want a professional to handle this one and ensure there are no leaks— and trust us bathroom leaks can be messy.

If you are moving a toilet to a new place in the bathroom, there are other things you will want to keep in mind. The first thing to consider is where there are toilet drains and toilet vents. If you move the toilet no further than 48” from the toilet vent, you won’t have to move the vent, you simply have to move the toilet drain. Also, know that the cost of moving both the toilet vent and the toilet drain can get pricey.



Sinks can be tricky, not because of the installation process, but because of the number of options and varying costs. You could get a pedestal sink, a vessel sink, a wall-mounted sink; the list goes on and on. Decide what type of sink fits best in your space and what style you like the most. Don’t forget to consider if you need cabinet storage under your sink.

It is not unusual to move plumbing lines when it comes to sinks because there are so many styles of sinks. So, don’t be afraid of having to do this. This bathroom sink remodel will likely cost a few hundred dollars in addition to the cost of the sink itself.



When it comes to remodeling the shower, you may be presented with two options: a shower/bathtub combo or a stand-alone shower. A shower/bathtub combo will cost you between $300 and $900 for the tub and walls. For a stand-alone shower, the cost is limited only by your imagination. With this option you will get to choose the tiles, backsplash, doors, and lighting. You may also choose to add extra showerheads in the walls or ceiling.

If you’re relocating the shower, expect to pay about the same as toilet relocation. There are specific codes that plumbers must follow in order to make sure drains and vents are properly angled and securely fitted.



When choosing a new bathtub, the first thing you need to decide is what general style of tub best fits your needs. Do you want a standard tub that is made for a quick bath? Or do you want a luxurious spa bath designed for soaking?

The average cost of a tub ranges from $200 to $2,000 or more. Moving bath drains and bath vents are comparable in cost to the shower and toilet.


If you’re considering a bathroom remodel or in the middle of your own bathroom DIY project, we would love to help.

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