How to Pet Proof Your Plumbing

We all love our four-legged family members, and according to the American Pet Product Association, approximately sixty-eight percent of US households have a pet. But not every owner knows that with your pets comes the potential for plumbing problems.

Since most pets have access to all areas of your home, be sure to keep them safe by pet proofing. Here are some tips to follow to pet-proof your home’s plumbing. With these, you shouldn’t have to worry about plumbing problems, or your pets, again.

Keep plenty of water out

Keep your pets water bowl clean and full, otherwise they will look for other water sources, like the toilet bowl.  This sounds disgusting and it is, but it’s also hazardous to your pet’s health, especially if you use some type of daily toilet bowl cleaner or freshener. So, make sure to keep the lid closed!  And, as a general rule, check on your pet’s water bowl and refill at least twice a day.

Conceal exposed pipes

Pets are curious by nature, and they love to chew on things, so avoid unnecessary trips to the vet, or calls to your local plumber, by covering up exposed pipes and wires.  If a pet bites through a pipe, this could result in a pricey plumbing problem and may also cause damage to your home , or even worse, hurt your pet!

Keep cleaning chemicals out of reach

While it’s not recommended to use harsh chemicals in your plumbing system since most of these store-bought chemical cleaners can cause serious damage to drain lines, you may still have them in your home. To prevent your pets from accidentally getting into these chemicals and getting very sick, keep them locked up in an area your pet can’t get to.

Wash dirty pets outside

Dogs love to roll around in the mud and muck, which means clean up time can be a plumbing nightmare. When you wash a muddy dog off in the tub or shower, all that mud and matted fur comes off and goer down your drain and unfortunately has the potential to cause a serious clog.

Rather than having to pay a lot of money for a plumber to come remove the clog every time you need to give your dog a bath, try rinsing them off outside first before taking them inside to finish the job.

If your family pet has caused a plumbing problem, don’t worry. Just call the professionals at Eastern Plumbing.  No matter how stubborn the clog or bad the burst, we have just what you need to fix it.  Our licensed plumbers are available 24/7, and we service Pitt and surrounding counties including Beaufort and Craven.